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Robert Ford Design are a team of craftspeople rather than business people and care deeply about what is designed and made.  As with all craft made pieces, the love of our craftsmen is imbued in the pieces we make, which is what makes them so unique and desirable. Our 6 stage process ensures this craftmanship is never compromised.

01: Sourcing

We only work with the best quality materials that are sourced as close to home as possible and always from forests that are sustainably managed.

02: Selecting

Every plank of timber we use is carefully selected for each specific piece, paying particular attention to colour, grain, character and structure.

03: Designing

Our in-house design team works with the latest technology to develop our designs from initial sketchs through to samples and mock-ups, full CAD drawings and modelling, to the completed design.

04: Making

Our craftsmen care deeply about what they make and how they make it. It is this pride and dedication that helps us to maintain the same high quality in every piece of furniture that leaves the workshop.

05: Finishing

We have vast experience and knowledge of finishes from high gloss lacquers to tinted oils but our preference is to keep materials looking as natural as possible.

06: Delivering

We use our own team of skilled fitters for on-site installation ensuring that the high standards of our craftsmanship in the workshops are carried right through to the end.

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