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From the combination of a precision process with dedication to achieve a perfect finish and a passion for beautiful craftsmanship evolves a timeless and singularly unique, elegant and artistic item of furniture.

Our History

Robert Ford founded Robert Ford Design in 2009.


He had a simple vision of creating a craft workshop based on traditional skills, capable of producing furniture that would deliver high quality, beautifully designed pieces made in a responsible way and at a reasonable price.

He has evolved, embracing new technology and methods, however that original vision is still his driving force.

Our Passion

Our passion of making starts with the source of our raw materials through to the hands-on-development of our skilled craftsmen. We believe that the joy of using one of our pieces is directly connected to the care and attention to detail given by the hands of our makers. 


We design, make and sell our own furniture direct to customers, for private residences as well as on a range of projects including offices, hotels, bars, restaurants and public buildings.

Our Values

We endeavour to deliver desirable, unique pieces reflective of the love and energy put in by our craftsmen. Robert Ford Design is a genuinely sustainable business. More than just the materials or the energy, it is a complete approach embracing every aspect of Robert Ford Design.


Most importantly we make things that last a long time. It is not about fashion or trends, its about making furniture that is sensibly and rationally designed, beautifully designed and will last.

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