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Robert Ford is a British artisan craftsman. Following a 20-year career building film sets across the globe, Robert is increasingly recognised for his masterful hand-crafted furniture, in particular, his steering wheel table. This artistic furniture piece mirrors his individuality and passion for craftsmanship whilst echoing the timeless beauty of a classic car.


Robert has been passionate about creating and crafting the highest quality products since his earliest years. Working alongside his father in his workshop building kit cars and motorbikes, Robert’s skills have been passed down a generation, inspiring his creativity and love for producing unique items. He formalised this love with an education in Engineering and Graphic Illustration and Architectural Design.


Bringing together his passion for design, craftsmanship and blending the highest quality materials to create bespoke furniture pieces, Robbie took the decision to build RF Design Ltd, a UK based furniture design and carpentry practice in 2009.  He had a simple vision of creating a craft workshop based on traditional skills, capable of producing high quality, elegant furniture.

In recent years, Robert’s signature product has become the steering wheel table. The idea for the table was spurred when working on Casino Royale and handling the steering wheel of Bond’s DB5 and brings together his love for motor vehicles, craftsmanship, wood and creating beautiful items. 

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